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Quality Control Technician

Division: Janitorial 

Reports To: Quality Control & Client Care Manager

Responsibility Statement:

This role is responsible for quality control and performance of superintendents in the janitorial division. This position ensures that their performance is in compliance with Superintendent duties responsibilities and procedures and that outstanding and quality services are provided in keeping with SDA’s high standards of performance.

Key Results and Activities:

1. Conduct training for superintendent positions
• Train new superintendents on all duties of their position as per the SDA Building Superintendent Handbook.
• Ensure current superintendents have been trained on all duties
• Ensure superintendents have received training on all Health & Safety requirements

2. Conduct site inspections to monitor quality control and performance
• Perform onsite visual inspections as per required schedule
• Verify that all required SDA Policies, Health & Safety and worker documentation is up to date and posted at each site
• Review superintendent’s performance to ensure day to day work is completed and up to specifications and established standards
• Identify and record deficiencies and opportunities for quality improvement
• Complete and submit Inspection Report for each site
• Monitor and follow up on action plans to eliminate deficiencies and problems outlined in Inspection Report
• Conduct re-inspections, following up to ensure all issues have been resolved
• Complete and submit Re-inspection Report
• Conduct follow up site visits to ensure deficiencies have been corrected and are maintained

3. Inspect Equipment and Systems
• Ensure all building equipment and systems are operated in a safe and efficient manner and in compliance with all applicable codes. e.g. HVAC, mechanical, electrical, plumbing
• Verify building equipment and systems are in good working order
• Check that all SDA equipment is in good and safe working condition
• Repair or exchange SDA equipment that is broken or damaged

4. Work in compliance with SDA’s Health & Safety policies and legislation
• Ensure appropriate health and safety policies and practices are established and implemented throughout all work areas
• Ensure that all reasonable precautions have been taken to protect the health and safety of SDA workers
• Ensure that workers perform in compliance with OHSA, its regulations and SDA’s Health and Safety Policy
• Ensure that an emergency response plan and proper first-aid services are in place to protect the worker in case of emergency
• Act as SDA’s Health and Safety Representative (responsibilities attached)

5. Perform other duties as assigned by management.

Academic Qualifications and Experience
• 5 years’ experience in building maintenance

Specialized Knowledge, Skills, Attributes Required
• Solid knowledge in building systems (mechanical, electrical, HVAC)
• Strong communication skills; written and verbal
• Able to work on own without supervision
• Solid ability to develop and maintain professional relationships with workers
• Excellent problem-solving ability
• Strong sense of urgency and results driven
• Proficient in Microsoft Office; Outlook, Excel and Word

• Ability to thrive in a fast paced, challenging environment
• Ability to work evenings and weekends as required

Working Conditions
• Office environment
• Travel to customer locations

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