Catch Basin and Rooftop Cleaning.

Regular maintenance and cleaning of your property’s catch basins and drains are essential must-do for all property managers. Ideally, catch basins should be inspected yearly; this will help determine if they need to be cleaned or maintained.

March and the beginning of April are the ideal time to have your Catch Basin’s inspected, cleaned and repaired. After winter, Catch Basin’s will have accumulated leaves, litter, salt, sand, and other debris, clogging the drainage system and causing parking lot and parking garage flooding, potentially costing thousands of dollars in damage to your property.

Routine preventative maintenance and cleaning of the Catch Basin’s will allow for proper drainage of stormwater, snowmelt, and rain to flow properly through underground pipes.

As a building manager or owner, you should have a trained team of professionals do a visual inspection on your rooftop at least twice a year. They will inspect your exteriors and spot deteriorated gutters, fascia’s or any other damaged areas that need to be repaired. They will also inspect the interior to ensure no signs of water damage connected to the roof.

Roof drains clog from leaves, small animal and bird nests, and debris; therefore, they require regular inspections and cleaning. These blockages in your drains will slow down or stop water from draining properly, which can cause overflow, water stagnation, smell, and unwanted plant growth, further clogging the system. All of these can lead to costly and avoidable repairs.

Typical maintenance of catch basins includes trash removal if a screen or other debris capturing device is used and sediment removal using a Vactor truck. SDA is equipped with several Vactor trucks and can respond to any on-site situation within hours; our emergency team is available around the clock.

For more information on our Catch Basin and Rooftop Services, please fill the form below and one of our SDA representatives will contact you.

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