Do you know what Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning is, and why is this cleaning method better?

It is a well known fact that carpets can act as a giant air cleaning filter and trap dust, dirt, pollen, and dirt mites in your carpet. Studies show that using a Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning process will leave your carpets up to 1500 times cleaner.

Hot Water Extraction is a carpet cleaning process where our SDA expert cleaners use high-pressure machines with water pumps that deliver hot water and cleaning solutions into your carpet. This process is very effective in loosening any dust, debris, dirt, and grime logged into your carpets. The vacuums in our Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning equipment are very powerful and will extract all the dirt and debris loosened by the hot water delivered at high pressure.

Using Hot Water Carpet Extraction has many benefits.

  • It is an Eco-Friendly way of making carpets free of dust, smells, allergens, and germs.
  • The high temperature of the water will also disinfect the carpet and will avoid damaging your carpet or leaving behind any unwanted residues.
  • Due to the small amount of water delivered in this process and the powerfulness the vacuums use to extract the water and debris from your carpet, hot water extraction carpet cleaning can have your carpets dry quicker than other methods.

Our SDA Team of trained professionals in hot water extraction cleaning is here to help ensure your next carpet cleaning is done the right way.

For more information on our Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning Service, please fill the form below and one of our SDA representatives will contact you.
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