The Importance of Parking Lot Sweeping and Asphalt Repair Services.

Regular Parking Lot Sweeping and Asphalt Repairs are very effective ways to maintain your property. Having a highly trained staff perform this critical maintenance task with the proper equipment will have many benefits for all parking lots above ground or underground. Best of all, these services can be performed without any disruption to your operation.

Power sweeping will keep your parking lot pavement clean by removing particulates, loose debris and litter, as well as cleanup oil or any other vehicle spills from the surface. This cleaning method will also remove winter salt and sand that may accumulate; power sweeping is ideal as we move into spring to keep your entire property looking and feeling clean and safe.

Regular maintenance and cleaning of your property’s existing pavement areas are crucial to any owner or manager. It will ensure the proper function of your parking space and maintain it throughout the changing seasons, allowing your property to remain in the best shape possible for longer.

Asphalt Repairs are another essential part of your building’s maintenance; fixing cracks in your properties asphalt when you first spot them is very important. Even the most minor cracks in the asphalt can eventually damage the foundation of your parking lot and leaving them unattended will lead to further pavement cracking and potholes. In the early stages of the damage, repairing the asphalt will help prevent larger cracks or pavement breakdowns that will be more expensive to repair later.

The material used in our asphalt crack sealing service is exceptionally durable; it will move and expand with the pavement; you won’t have to worry about water seeping into the pavement or any cracks reforming.

Our SDA team of trained professionals offers a quick response, and we will ensure the parking lot surfaces of your properties are well maintained and kept in good condition all year.

For more information on our Parking Lot Sweeping and Asphalt Repair Services, please fill the form below and one of our SDA representatives will contact you.

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