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Janitorial Services

SDA provides complete janitorial services tailored to match our customers’ needs.

Condominium Janitorial Services

SDA Building Services provides uniformed professional cleaning staff who work to provide your condominium with a clean, sanitized and disinfected living environment. We offer full service from live-in or live-out Superintendents, heavy-duty cleaners and light-duty cleaners; our staff are fully trained and capable of performing any cleaning tasks, as well as supervisions and inspections.

Retail Janitorial Cleaning

Our staff is specialized and well-trained in commercial and retail cleaning. Our goal is to provide the highest level of service and support. Our Janitorial Services are always hassle-free and done in a timely manner.

Superintendent Services

We offer full-time Superintendent Services for commercial buildings and condominiums. Our Team of Superintendents is experienced and reliable; we take pride in providing exceptional customer services that meet our client’s needs. Having a Superintendent is the best way to make sure your properties are well maintained; this will avoid costly repairs in the future.

Quality Control Cleaning

At SDA, we understand the importance of quality control procedures; we offer a monthly program to ensure you are meeting required standards. Our staff will perform regular inspections, and you can take comfort knowing you are adhering to building cleaning expectations.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets can take a lot of abuse over time and contain more than just surface dirt. Lurking below is a multitude of microscopic particles and germs. Give your carpets the bath they need and keep your space clean and looking great.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Services

SDA Building Services has a team that is fully equipped with hazmat suits and Electrostatic Sprayers. All disinfecting is completed using Health Canada-approved disinfectant. We can support you by keeping all your office space, distribution centres, retail stores, pharmacies, restaurants, condominiums, gyms disinfected and safe for your patrons and guests.

Underground Parking Garage Cleaning

Our team of professionals can handle the labour that is needed when cleaning a garage. We take care of all the loading, hauling, disposal and recycling if required. Let us help you take care of this time-consuming task; give us a call for an estimate.

Construction Cleaning

Construction, post-construction, and renovation cleaning require an experienced team of professional cleaners and specialized equipment to get the job done effectively. SDA has the expertise and tools to ensure that your facility gets cleaned the proper way.

Garbage Chute Restoration

It is essential to keep your buildings garbage system well maintained and inspected regularly. Our team of experts can provide preventative maintenance options as well as repair services. Keeping your garbage chute clean will remove bacteria, odours, and grease.

Rentals Cleaning

When owning a rental property having a professional come in to perform a thorough cleaning is always the best way to get the job done fast and effectively. Cleaning between tenants will not only keep your new tenants happy, but you will also ensure your property value does not decrease.


We offer quality housekeeping services on weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly plans. With SDA, you will have the confidence that you will receive a thorough and professional cleaner. Our attention to detail sets us apart from the rest.

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